Let it be beautiful. 


Beauty is the

shortest path

to success!

We humans (almost) always make our decisions based on feelings.

Scientists call the decision-making centre in our brains the "limbic system".  It is the key to over 90% of all decisions. 

So, whatever you do, you would do well to reach the heart of your counterpart, because

beauty charms, clarity enchants and special touches stir passions.




Freedom or


As you wish.  

It’s often the case that as soon as someone designs a website for you, you may as well be married to them. If you want upload a new image, a new text, a new date or even a completely new page, you need to ask for this on the phone and pay for it.

This has always annoyed me too. 

That’s why, after creating the design for your website, I offer you the option of complete freedom.   In this case, you will receive comprehensive training from me once everything is complete so that you can nurture, maintain and extend your internet presence at any time.

Or you can retain the full service. Just as you wish!